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Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib

"I am the City of Knowledge; and verily Ali is the Gate of it."
- Rasulallah SAW

Hazrat Ali (R.A.) was born thirty years after the birth of Rasulallah
SAW. He belonged to the most respectable family of Quraish, the Banu Hashim.

His father, Abu Talib, was the real uncle of Rasulallah
SAW  who brought him up after the death of Rasulallah SAW 's grandfather. Rasulallah SAW  took care of Hazrat Ali and brought up him like his own son.

First youth to accept Islam

When Rasulallah
SAW  started to spread Islam, Hazrat Ali (R.A.) was about ten years old. When Rasulallah SAW told Hazrat Ali about Islam, he accepted it immediately and thus he became the first youth to enter the folds of Islam.

When Rasulallah
SAW started to preach openly, he invited all of his family members to a feast and announced his mission before them. None listened to him, but the young Hazrat Ali stood up and said, "Though my eyes are sore, my legs are thin and I am the youngest of all those present here yet I will stand by you, Oh Messenger of Allah."
Hearing this all the leaders of Quraish laughed, but Hazrat Ali proved his words to be true after supporting Rasulallah
SAW in his mission from the beginning till the end.

The night when Rasulallah
SAW was migrating to Madinah, his house was surrounded by tribesmen who had plotted to assassinate him. They were ready to kill any person who left the house. In such a situation, Rasulallah  asked Hazrat Ali (R.A.) to sleep in his bed, and he followed the command gladly and immediately jumped in the bed.

Although the Makkans did not accept his mission, they still considered Rasulallah
SAW the most trustworthy man of Makkah and continued keeping their trusts (cash and gold etc.) with him.
It was Hazrat Ali (R.A.) to whom Rasulallah
SAW gave the duty to return the trusts to the owners when he was leaving Makah for Madinah. Hazrat Ali (R.A.) migrated to Madinah after fulfilling his duty of returning people's goods.

Life in Madinah

Hazrat Ali (R.A.) was very close to Rasulallah
SAW, and the closeness became a permanent relationship when he married his most beloved daughter, Hazrat Fatima (R.A.) to Hazrat Ali (R.A.).

Hazrat Ali (R.A.) also had a most distinguished honour; that the progeny of Rasulallah
SAW continued through Hazrat Ali’s sons, Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hussain (R.A.). The two children were the most beloved of Rasulallah SAW and he, in turn, was very dear to them.

When Rasulallah
SAW went to the expedition of Tabuk in 9 A.H., he left Hazrat Ali in charge of Madinah. On this, some hypocrites remarked that Rasulallah SAW did not like Hazrat Ali. On this, Rasulallah SAW remarked, "You are in the same position in relation to me as Aaron was with relation to Moses. But the only difference is, there is no Prophet after me."

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